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All Natural Ingredients

Click on an herb below to view detailed information and which ingredients are in which herbal blend and what health benefits they may provide.  The all natural ingredients are blended in small batches. After the tea bags are made, our team promptly packages the tea bags to ensure the freshness of our herbal blends and teas.

Our ingredients are all natural and gluten free.  We use no artificial flavors, colors, flavorings, or preservatives.  There are no GMO ingredients in our herbal blends and teas.

Naturally caffeinated tea: Warrior's Brew, Green Tea, and Orange Pekoe Cut Black Tea.

Naturally caffeine-free herbal blends: Chief's Delight, Good Medicine, Indian Love Tea, Teepee Dreams, Victory Tea, Teepee Dreams Mint.      


In the descriptions below, we will also show you which of our teas provides that particular ingredient.