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Green Tea - All Natural, Smooth and Mellow

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Green Tea


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Today the Pow Wow is a conglomerate of many tribes expressing their unique tribal dance outfits and dance steps.  Some of the earliest dances were given to individuals through visions, some by dreams and still others directly from animals such as the bear (bear dance), rabbit (rabbit dance), and prairie chicken (sneak up).  Pow Wow dancing is compromised of two different types of dance, the "Traditional" and "Modern."  Both women and men dance the "Traditional" style.  Some "Modern" dances for women include the fancy shawl and the jingle dress dance.  Typical men's dances are the grass, hoop, and fancy dance.  Each dancer's outfit is unique and made with special tribal society designs using feathers, beads, buckskin, and porcupine quills.  Also used are bone, horsehair, animal furs, rawhide, and hoops.  Dances are also performed for healing, honoring people, rain, society, ceremonial and initiations into a tribal clan.     


At the Native American Tea Company, we offer a wide variety of teas. When you're searching for a tea with a very smooth and mellow flavor, our all natural green tea is the perfect choice. It is made of 100% green tea leaves and contains caffeine, so, when you're looking for a warm beverage to begin your day, brew a cup of this and you'll feel ready for anything. It's also great on ice! We are proud to offer our quality teas at affordable prices, so that you can enjoy the soothing and diverse flavors of all our teas!

Naturally gluten free.  

100% Green tea leaves.

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