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Native American Tea Mini Sampler - Iced Tea Edition

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Looking for a unique gift?  Just want to try our favorite blends for iced tea?

We are now offering our Native American Tea Mini Sampler - Iced Tea Edition!  We include our recipe for a very special version of iced tea with your order.  Try it today and enjoy the refreshment!  

Read our blog post that includes our recipes here.  Read about our ingredients here.

Try our caffeinated tea infusion that is Warrior’s Brew with cinnamon and star anise.  Sit back and relax with our naturally caffeine free wild cherry bark and hibiscus Victory Tea.  Try our delicious Green Tea over ice as well!        

All of our teas are gluten and sugar free.  We use no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives.  5% of all after tax profits are donated to Sitting Bull College.

This sampler includes two 12 count boxes of Victory Tea and Warrior's Brew and one 18 count box of Green Tea.  Try this “Taste of Tradition” today!