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Native American Tea Mini Sampler

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Looking for that unique gift or just want to try all of the Native American Tea Company’s Blends?

Here is our Native American Tea Mini Sampler.  Try all of the blends listed below and decide which ones you like best!  Our company prides itself in providing ingredients at their height of potency. 

Sit back and relax with our Teepee Dreams blend.  Try our orange cinnamon blended with black tea and a hint of caffeine that is our Warrior's Brew.  Share the mellow ginger blend of Indian Love Tea with someone you love.  Take a deep breath of our Good Medicine blend and inhale the surprising blend of spearmint and eucalyptus.   Open your box of our Victory Tea blend and enjoy the wild cherry bark and hibiscus. Try our Chief's Delight blend and enjoy the berry  flavor and aroma.  

All of our herbal blends are gluten and sugar free.  We use no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives.  Only our Warrior's Brew blend has caffeine.  

5% of all after tax profits are donated to Sitting Bull College.

This sampler includes one 12 count box of six of the Native American Tea Company’s herbal blends based on Native American culture, history, and legend.  

Not enough tea for you?  Try the full sampler with 2 boxes of each of our signature blends.  Try the “Taste of Tradition” today!

**Blended in the USA


 ***Our original Indian Love Tea with damiana may not be shipped to the state of Louisiana. 

Orders shipping to LA may select a replacement (12 tea bags of any of our herbal blends) by leaving a comment when checking out. 

 ***basket not included